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Mother and daughter, Stacey & Tara Harris, CEO and SVP of The Diabetic Pastry Chef and Nellie J’s Café

Customizable Comfort Food

Cookies of all Kinds

Holiday Pies

Birthday & Baby Shower Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes

A Culinary Repertoire Vast Enough to Meet all Catering Needs!

Sugar-Free AND Sugar-Added Desserts & Pastries

Complete Healthy Soul Food Feasts

Signature Sauces

Breakfast & Brunch Breads and Cookies

Gift Baskets

Breakfast Pastries, Mini Desserts, Dessert Buffets & Gifts

Low-Carb Multigrain Pancakes

Country Breakfast Buffets

Yogurt Parfaits

All-Natural Handmade Cereals

Sugar-Free Baking

Holiday Baking

Holiday Cupcakes

Christmas Cookies, Other Holiday Cookies & Cookie Gifts

All-Natural Handmade Jams

Petits-Fours & Cake Truffles